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Welcome to Fort Wayne Turners

“Dear is Country, Dearer is Liberty, Brave and Truthful”

       Frederich Ludwig Jahn

Turners is a German Social and Sports Club located in Fort Wayne, Indiana 


Fort Wayne Turners has over 400 members strong and we are continually growing. We actively participate in many City Festivals including our Association with Fort Wayne Germanfest, held annually in Downtown Headwaters Park.  Our Fundraisers are strong and our participation is growing rapidly.


With a Rich History behind The American Turnerbund, We have been part of an ever growing society of Men and Women that have made great contributions to our City, State and Country. 


The American Turners is a national organization founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1848 by German immigrants. To read the Full Story, Check out our History Section.


Our motto is: “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”, and thus explains the purpose of the American Turners.


Fort Wayne Turners is a family organization, encouraging people of all ages to be mentally and physically active.


American Turners has over 54 Societies, located in 13 districts throughout the United States, participating in athletic and cultural activities. Many have gymnasiums and teach gymnastics and other sports to people of all ages.


Turners hosts yearly, national competitions in gymnastics, golf, bowling, softball, volleyball, and cultural activities. In addition there are regional events in other sports.


Join FORT WAYNE TURNERS to be a part of a wonderful group of people!  

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